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Checklist of Requirements

Official requirements

Below is a list of the official documentation required by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare to issue a candidate’s Swedish Medical License. Consider that all paperwork needs to be certified copies and translated into Swedish or English by an authorized translator.

– Requirements for General practitioners

Official application form

Medical degree within the EU
Medical degree outside of the EU , but education having been recognized within the EU

– Requirements for Specialists

Official application form

Specialist medical degree within the EU
Specialist medical degree outside of the EU, but education having been recognized within it


Company requirements

The high standard of our doctors is mirrored in the requirements we have for all potential candidates; we look for professionals with excellent communication skills, great ambition and noticable work ethics. The responsibilities of our coworkers involve:

  • To maintain a safe work environment to minimize risk; ensure a safe, accessible, effective and efficient environment for all the patients, visitors and staff
  • To contribute to a company culture which values safety, disclosure of errors, and process improvement consistent with the hospital mission, services, and regulatory environment
  • To care for the whole patient, including mental and emotional needs
  • To strive to build long-term relations with patients and colleagues