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About Aspirus Bemanning

Aspirus Bemanning AB is a recruitment company that has continuous partnerships with medical facilities all around Sweden. We recruit medical specialists and general practitioners who has finished their degree within the EU.

We specialize in preparing doctors for work in Sweden within the frames of an introduction program in Stockholm that leads to an individualized employment agreement upon completion. Within our crew we have medical doctors who has personal experience of the process of settling into the Swedish medical system, which is essential for our successful mentor program that is provided for all doctors who work with us.

At Aspirus Bemanning, our team strive towards providing a personal connection with our doctors. Each of our doctors have access to a professional mentor program and contact person that assists with everything regarding the arrival and settling into Swedish society.

In short, a partnership with us entails everything you need to form a new life in Sweden!

Any questions are happily answered by our recruitment staff. You find answers to the most commonly asked questions in our FAQ.
We look forward to hearing from you to explore the possibility of a long term partnership!


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