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Our model and what we offer

doctor education in swedenWe are glad to find you interested in the opportunity of a long term partnership with us!

We are a recruitment company which cooperates with medical facilities all around Sweden. We recruit doctors within the EU with different specialties to come and work here as general practitioners and other emphasis.
We specialize in preparing doctors for practice in Sweden within the frames of an introduction program that is followed by an employment by us – and the opportunity to work at one of our partner’s medical facility.

The partnership with us is in two phases: the Introduction phase and the phase of Employment.

Phase 1: Introduction Program

Our introduction program takes place in our Center of Education in Stockholm and lasts for about 2-4 months. The introduction starts off with an intense Swedish course and concludes with trainee program, where doctors get a chance to practice their language skills at a medical facility and also gain some Swedish medical experience with a mentor. The length of the introduction much depends on how fast the language takes to learn.

During the introduction, Aspirus provides accommodation, language courses and living expenses. During this time, we will also be your assistance with everything you need to get settled within the Swedish society and answer any questions you might have in the process. A personal medical mentor is provided, as well as a personal contact person regarding all the other questions you might have.

Phase 2: Employment

After successful completion of the introduction program, the employment phase will start.

The employment lasts for at least 18 months, during which time Aspirus will provide job opportunities all over Sweden. The doctors can (to the extent possible concerning where there are vacancies) choose where in Sweden to work. The salaries and benefits are competitive, and are assessed individually based on your personal ambition and professional experience.

We would gladly answer any questions you might have over Skype or email. Contact us today to book a personal interview with our recruitment staff.