Victoria Tower in Kista, Sweden stetoscop Entrance of the education building Educational building next to Karolinska Institutet Stockholm City hall, Sweden

Welcome to Aspirus!

Aspirus Sweden is looking for ambitious professionals to come and work as doctors of medicine. If you are looking for new challenges and ways to improve your career – you have come to the right place!

As a recruitment company, we help doctors who aspire to come to Sweden to start a new life here. Our team specialize in giving these doctors the best possible start in this career move by providing everything needed to succeed in this transition. By coming to Sweden, you will get the chance to improve your career in a high-technological working environment for excellent patient care.

To move to a new country and start a new life is a big decition for anyone, and we understand the importance of finding the adequate information to make an informed decition. After this, we hope you will feel encouraged to start the process of moving here.

For a doctor considering moving abroad for a career boost, there is no better choice than Sweden. Everything you require is right here, wheather you want to specialize your education or develop the one you already have in an inspirational medical environment.

Let our team guide you in this opportunity! We know what it takes and will help you with all the necessary steps.

We are here for you

To move to a new country is an inspiring and developing experience! It can also be a challenge, and there are some hurdles to overcome in order to pursue a new career once you arrive. This is why our team of recruiters are here to help you every step of the way! We want to give you the best possible start to your new life here, and give you every advantage to succeed in this transition.

All our doctors undergo a mandatory Introduction Program, which consists of an individualized language crash course and an internship for education in the Swedish medical system before you start working. We also provide other essential parts of the transition here, such as mentorship to get settled, accommodation during your Introduction Program and guidance with everything regarding your arrival. This unique combination of tools provided is what will help you succeed in this career opportunity.

So welcome to Aspirus! We have everything you will need for a successful transition into the Swedish medical system: competitive wages, personal coaching and a strive towards a long term partnership between us.

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